Who are we?

Local Dreamers offers meaningful volunteer programs and internships in Ecuador.
We are a small, accessible and dynamic organization with passionate people and
a personal approach.

Local Dreamers transforms acceptence into ambition and dreams into deeds.

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Are you a…

Student with foreign aspirations? Recently graduated, but not quite ready to work fulltime? Professional, but in need of something else? School student looking for a gap year? Father or mother looking for a break?

Local Dreamers is for everybody who wants to have anything to do with making dreams come true.

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¿Qué tal amigo?

Learn Spanish!

Did you know that Ecuador is most fit as a country to learn Spanish, according to experts?

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Discover South America

Travel Fair!

Whether you choose for a project at the coast, Amazon rainforest or Galápagos Islands, you choose to ´Travel Fair´.

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