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Support talent Andrés in Zuid-Amerika
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Since last summer Andrés Zambrano (20) is a solid strength in our Soccer School. As the coordinator of the ‘performance group’ he is working on a daily basis with the local youth and our volunteers. Moreover, he follows English classes at our English School every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning.

At Local Dreamers we experience always a coming and going of volunteers, and for that reason it’s so good to have a nice guy like Andrés involved in the projects. Each time a volunteer says goodbye, Andrés thanks him or her with a brilliant portrait drawing. Always delivered in a large, yellow envelope.

Because Andrés has so much potential and because it’s a shame that his talent for drawing only extends to a limited group of people, we also want to offer his drawings beyond the borders of Ecuador. That way, Andrés earns a bit of money with what he does best, but more importantly: he develops his talent. And that is exactly what Local Dreamers stands for: giving talent the tools.

Do you also recognize Andrés’ talent and do you want to give him a helping hand? Would you like to have yourself, your father or mother, your son or daughter or whoever portrayed? Then please send a sharp profile picture or a group photo to (still lifes also possible). You get the drawing(s) sent within three months. Of course in a large yellow envelope.

Cost: €15,00 per drawing. The entire proceeds will go to Andrés.

Support talent Andrés in Zuid-Amerika

Support talent Andrés in Zuid-Amerika

Support talent Andrés in Zuid-Amerika
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