Women Empowerment

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The difference between men and women in Ecuador is still very big, mostly because they live in a society that has a macho-culture. To get girls to be more confident and to make sure that they stand up for themselves, women’s soccer has been established. With this, the dreamer hopes to deliver a contribution to the development of girls in the vulnerable neighbourhoods in the southern Quito.

We want to achieve this by combining women’s soccer with self-defence. Together with the women’s soccer team of SC Heerenveen we help these girls.

The volunteers prepare a training every week. To participate in the offered sports activities, the girls must be provided with materials, clothes and footwear. We, as dreamers, want to make sure this happens but are not able to do this alone. Therefore, we ask you to help us.

We will spend the donated money to clothing, footwear and material in Quito to support the locals. With your help, we hope to bring suitable and safe equipment to Ecuador, so that these girls can participate in our project and enjoy sports and games.

We can guarantee you that your donation will be used only for this sports project. You will be kept informed about our process by various footage underneath this particular project.

You can donated your donaties through a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you make a donation trough the bankaccount from Local Dreamers: NL 49 TRIO 0254 4843 79. Choose your desired amount, what you want to donate and mention in the description the project ‘Women Empowerment’