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Information about Ecuador, our Spanish course,
and traveling through South America.

Learn Spanish

Did you know that Ecuador is most fit as a country to learn Spanish, according to experts? This is because the pronunciation of the Ecuadorians is very clear, almost without an accent. In Quito, Local Dreamers offers you a very useful Spanish language course, for only ‚ā¨11 an hour.

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Travel and Tourism

Local Dreamers does not offer any tourist activities. However, our team in Ecuador knows the country like the back of their hands by now. Therefore it is our pleasure to help you with preparing your journey. Ecuador is a relatively small country in South-America, but with its Caribbean-looking coastline, the massive Andes mountain rig, the mysterious Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands, it could be regarded as a small version of South America. Did you know that Lonely Planet has selected Ecuador as the best travel destination worldwide in 2013? Our volunteers thus love to go out and explore the country in the weekends.

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About Ecuador

Discover how to love life in South America.

Ecuador still is a relatively unknown country. Quite strange, because you could regard Ecuador as a small version of South-America, since the country contains almost all the attractions of the continent.

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