Our Spanish course

Did you know that according to experts, Ecuador is the best country to learn Spanish? This is because the pronunciation of Ecuadorians is very clear, almost without an accent. Local Dreamers offers you a very useful Spanish language course, for only €11 an hour. You will receive private classes – or classes with another person, if that is what you prefer – from an experienced Spanish/English-speaking teacher. Small classes and personal guidance, this is the best combination to quickly provide you with a Spanish tongue. Above all, the classes are adjusted to your personal schedule. Highly convenient!

Amazing course! I learned so fast and easy that after two weeks I was able to communicate with my host family and Ecuadorian friends.

Volunteer work Ecuador

World Language!

Spanish is a true world language. The language knows little common ground with the English language, but the grammar is a lot easier than you might think. Experience tells us that (provided that you participate in the Spanish course) you ́ll need 2 to 3 months to be comfortable speaking Spanish in any given situation.

Basic, Intensive or Specialist Spanish course

You can choose between a Basic, an Intensive and a Specialist Spanish Language course. The Basic Spanish course includes 24 hours of (private) Spanish clases. The Intensive Spanish course includes 40 hours of (private) Spanish clases. Last but not least we have a Specialist Course, for the real fanatics. This course contains – sometimes depending on the project(s) – a minimum of 60 hours of private Spanish lessons.

If you want to take more or less classes a week, then this is possible in consultation with us. You can even decide on this when you are already in Ecuador.


The prices for a Spanish language course at your home country normally vary between 20 and 30 euros per hour. Local Dreamers offers its volunteers and interns excellent (private) Spanish classes for the price of only €11 per hour. Every volunteer and intern is very enthusiastic about our teacher Vladimir.

Our Spanish teacher

Onze Spaans docent Mónica Machuca

Mónica Machuca

Mónica Machuca gives Spanish lessons to all volunteers and interns, every day again with a big smile on her face. Besides being a Spanish teacher, Mónica is also the Ecuador expert of our foundation. She likes to introduce you to all the different Ecuadorian customs, traditions and dishes, both inside and outside the classes.

Mónica has over eighteen years of experience as a Spanish teacher and teaches in a very special and interactive way, so time will fly by.

Mónica is very creative during her classes, every time you will do something else. She focuses on things you immediately benefit from and there is room for your own interpretation. Ideal to quickly use the Spanish language in your daily life in Ecuador!