Travel Fair

When you choose for a project of Local Dreamers outside of Quito, then you choose to ‘Travel Fair’. With Travel Fair we mean that we want to introduce our volunteers to the most beautiful areas of South-America while they make an effort for the people and communities in those places in return.

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Local Dreamers’ top-5

Local Dreamers does not offer any tourist activities. However, our team in Ecuador knows the country like the back of their hands by now. Therefore it is our pleasure to help you with preparing your journey. Ecuador is a relatively small country in South America, but it has a Caribbean looking coastline, the massive Andes mountain rig, the mysterious Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands at its disposal. Did you know that Lonely Planet has selected the Ecuadorian capital Quito as the second best city trip destination worldwide in 2016? Our volunteers thus love to go out and explore the country in the weekends.

Galapagos Islands

Unique place with beaches in all the colors of the rainbow, animals that will approach you curiously, clear water and a lovely climate. Absolute must see, but kinda expensive as well.


Untouched and spiritual area in the Ecuadorian Amazone. Here you can visit indigenous tribes and discover the secrets of the jungle.


Most popular weekend destination of our volunteers. Hippie-place at the Pacific Coast. Relaxing, surfing, sunbathing, good food and a delicious cocktail in the salsabar at night.


Four hours away from Quito, in-between 13 volcanoes, lays the idyllic town of Baños. Here you can take beautiful hikes, go mountain biking, climb waterfalls, raft, get relaxing massages and relieve stress in one of the thermal baths.


With its altitude of 5897 meter, the Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world. Here you can climb up to 5000 meter and enjoy the fabulous views from the glacier on the volcano. The daredevils among us can descend by mountain bike.