Become an Intern

Local Dreamers is there for ambitious students from all over the world, that are looking for an inspiring,
innovative and adventurous internship abroad, and who like to discover a new culture, language and environment.

Do your internship in Ecuador

As a student of an Intermediate Vocational School (IVS), a Higher Vocational School (HVS) or University (U), Local Dreamers is the ideal location for your social-, pedagogical-, environmental-, sports- or economical-related (graduate) internship or traineeship. You  will be guided intensively on a HVS-level by an English speaking professional. An internship at Local Dreamers is an unique opportunity to gain work experience abroad, in a completely different culture!

With Local Dreamers, you can start with your internship in Ecuador at any time during the year. The minimum duration of your stay needs to be 4 weeks. There is no maximum amount of time for your time in South-America.

Experience has shown us that the efficiency of our projects is a lot higher when its interns feel at comfort. Therefore, we put extra effort in creating a positive and relaxed working climate that feels welcoming for all.

Former interns

Friendship for life

The working environment of Local Dreamers has been the source of special friendships more than once. This is because we tend to hang out and make fun together after work. You´ll get so familiar and close with your fellow volunteers that the ties you have built with them in Ecuador will often continue to exist when you return home.

Aldert Schriemer
Founder & Director

Please, feel free to ask for any information. Fill in the contact form and I will come back to you within a day!

Make your decision

In order to make a well-considered decision, it is essential that you are well-informed by our organization. Our Internship Coordinator will inform you about everything you need to know. Via Skype, you can meet our team in Quito. 

Get ready

Once you have clarified the internship assignment, it is important that you are well prepared before you travel. This is not only a welcome relief for you, but for your home front as well. Our team will help you to get ready for the adventure.

Onwards to Ecuador

In Ecuador you will be picked up at the airport by our Quito team; a special mix of international professionals, on which you always can rely.