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We are all dreamers, including you. Where we like to dream of a new holiday cottage at sea, the newest Playstation or a trip around the world, some children in Ecuador dream of going to school, taking swimming classes or kicking a football that is not made out of plastic bags and rope.

As an Amigo (donator) of Local Dreamers, you can help us make a difference. You decide on how much to donate. Support in the form of tools, knowledge or useful network connections is very welcome as well.
The money or tools that you donate will only be used for our projects. You can pick your own theme of interest to which you donate. For each project we keep close track of all income and expenses. We are more than happy to inform you on how your donation is being used if you would like that.

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The system will automatically collect the amount of money that is paid with PayPal and convert the percentage bar for each cause. A payment evidence is sent to your email after the donation is succeeded. You can also donate by credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.

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It is possible to donate through periodical money transfer or to make a single donation to IBAN NL49 TRIO 0254484379 on behalf of Stg. Local Dreamers.

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Donate and help us making dreams happen.
Sport volunteer work South-America

Women Empowerment

6% Donated/€1,868 To Go
The difference between men and women in Ecuador is still very big, mostly because they...
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Donate to educational project in Ecuador

Support a classroom

100% Donated/€0 To Go
Our educational projects are defined, according to the volunteers, interns and coordinators by the following...
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Help een sportproject in Ecuador

New soccer equipment

26% Donated/€370 To Go
By providing organized physical education, Local Dreamers seeks to contribute to the personal and social...
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