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A day in the life of a Local Dreamer

”¡Profe Profe! ¿Qué vamos a hacer hoy?” In just two months I transformed from an independent and individualistic student Business Administration, to a dedicated and responsible teacher in Quito and in Canoa. After completing my study I thought it would be time not to only be busy with myself and my friends, but to be meaningful for non-privileged people at the other side of the world. Therefore I was looking for the most personal, transparent and impactful organization in Latin America, which I found very quickly 😉 For three months, I experienced and tasted the Ecuadorian life.

During my time with Local Dreamers I learned to gap bridges between cultures and I learned about my own competences and attitude. Moreover I learned a lot about life and its simplicities and pressures. While my fellow students in The Netherlands are working on and worrying about their career path, volunteers and interns in Quito are working on the future of unprivileged children. Ama la vida, is Ecuador´s slogan, which perfectly suits life here. Sometimes life is challenging, but a straightforward and dedicated mindset will make it worth. Unfortunately my time here is almost there; in two weeks I will fly to Lima to start a new travel adventure. I definitely will miss the kids and their endless enthusiasm, my host family, the stunning nature and the wonderful culture, the daily routines and even the daily portions of rice I will probably be going to miss. Talking about routines, I wrote down an ordinary day within Local Dreamers:

A day in the life of a Local Dreamer:

07:45     Alarm goes off, I put on my non-fashionable-but-decent clothes and have desayuno with my host family

08.30     In 30 minutes I walk to the office of Local Dreamers, on the way I take the Metro Newspaper and try to decipher the local and global news

09.00     Working time! All volunteers and interns are at the office and in small teams we start to prepare lessons and trainings. Today my fellow teacher and I have to prepare the afternoon´s lesson, and we have to finish the monthly schedule for the upcoming volunteers.

10.30     Coffee break. Let´s check if there is some news from home front

11.00     Fine tuning new vacancies. In order to reach a wider and more international audience, I am working on new vacancies for international teachers and soccer trainers

12.00     English teacher’s team meeting. Together we discuss the progress of the classes and give feedback and suggestions

12.30     Lunch. Today we try another lunch spot around the office. Probably it will be soup, followed by rice with chicken for about $2.50

13.30     Spanish lesson. Today Vladimir (Spanish teacher) and I discuss the imperative; really effective for my English lessons 😉

15.00     Tea break. On the roof terrace we have some chill time, to talk about other things than work…

16.00     English Class. My class consists of children aged from ten to twelve, stubborn and active, but challenging! Today they will learn how to tell the time.

17.30     End of the day. Tired but satisfied I take my bag and walk back home. My host mom prepares rice with chicken, while I try to show her my newly learned words.

© Local Dreamers, a day in the life of a Local Dreamer

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