de mooste van maart met ons nieuwe sportcomplex

The best pictures of the month March

Every year, Oxfam Novib publishes a calendar with beautiful, narrative photos from the countries where the organization is active. The cameras of Local Dreamers are of slightly lower quality, the photographers without training, but the pictures are no less beautiful and impressive. We have put the most beautiful photos of March in a serie, take a look at the pictures of our our flea market, the minga in La Arcadia, the new sports complex in Canoa and more..

These photos take you along the colorful streets, alongside people with wonderful life stories, and let you meet in word and image with our vibrant volunteer work and life! For more pictures of our projects and volunteers, take a look at our Flickr page.

Minga in La Arcadia

Last month we organized a minga, the Ecuadorian term for community work, in La Arcadia. With all the volunteers we painted the Casa Barrial of the neighborhood, the place where we will train with our Soccer School during the rainy season.

Vlooienmarkt in Quito, Ecuador

Also in March we organized a flea market at our office. To promote the market, our volunteers decided to paint faces at the fruit market in Camal. A big success!

Nieuw sportcomplex in Canoa

After the heavy earthquake in 2016 we were able to set up many nice initiatives thanks to a wonderful crowdfunding campaign. One was the construction of a new sports complex in Canoa, one of the places hit the hardest. Now, almost two years later, these new heroes are putting the finishing touches to the new field.

Afscheidsfeest van Spaans leraar Vladimir

With this big group of volunteers, we said goodbye to our Spanish teacher Vladimir in the beginning of March. What a great evening it was..

Voetbalwedstrijd tegen onze Engelse studenten

Traditionally, our volunteers play a soccer match against our English students several times a year. Ecuador and the Netherlands were very well matched this time. La naranja mecánica, as the orange team is still called here, scored the winning goal in the final minutes of the game.

Gemeenschapswerk in La Arcadia

The end final result of our minga, a nice piece of Local Dreamers painted on the community center of La Arcadia. And very functional too.

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