Inauguratie voetbalveld Canoa

LD present at inauguration football field Canoa

On the 16th of April 2016, the coastal province of Manabí was hit by a devestating earthquake. One of the many villages that was hit hard was Canoa. And because many people became homeless, a tent camp was built on the communal soccer field of the village with the result that after a few months there was nothing left of the field.

By: Aldert Schriemer

Local Dreamers decided to raise money and help finance the renovation of the field. The people of the community, led by José Luis Rodriguez and Maartje Rienks, took this very serious. The field was smoothed and sown again and investments were made in an irrigation system, a stand and fence.

On Saturday the 24th of November we were guests in Canoa to attend the official opening of the renovated field and it was a great happening. The entire municipal council was there, the national anthem was played, a plaque was presented and a ribbon was cut. As icing on the cake we were allowed, with four players from our own soccer school in the ranks, to play the opening game against the local heroes and that match won 4-6 after a true battle. The cup is now shining in our office in Quito.

Thanks a lot for all the great work, the invitation and the perfect reception, José Luis Rodriguez and Maartje Rienks. For photos of the event, go to our Facebook page.

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