My experiences with Local Dreamers

Each month we ask a local English student in Ecuador to write about his or her ‘local experience’ with Local Dreamers. Housewife Monica arrived in our school not long ago but is making progress really quick. She’s excited to tell about her experiences.

My name is Monica. I live in Quito (Ecuador). I am 58 years old (although I don’t like to remind myself to it). I’m married and I have 3 wonderful children.

I was looking for English classes near my home but I couldn’t find it. Later a friend told me about Local Dreamers.

The first time when I went to Local Dreamers I was a little bit concerned about my English level, but I met many classmates who were really friendly and helped me with the lessons. Also, when we finished classes they invited me to stay after the classes so we could improve our conversation skills. I think it’s very important because we need a lot of practice.

In the next classes I felt comfortable and enjoyed it. The volunteer teachers are so friendly and they try to do their job the best way with a lot of patience and much love.

The best what happened to me was when I took a test and the teacher (her name is Eden) told me that I should be in the second class. It was amazing!

I’m student now for a short while and I want to keep learning because I am sure age is not the problem. The most important thing is to do what you want and I want to speak and understand the English language. I’m really grateful for Local Dreamers giving me this opportunity. Thanks!


Monica Rodas

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