Spanish teacher Paulina presents herself

Spanish teacher Paulina introduces herself

Since the beginning of May Local Dreamers has a new Spanish teacher: Paulina Maldonado. With Paulina we not only gain a lot of experience, but we also welcome an old acquaintance of the foundation. She has taught our volunteers several times in the past as a substitute during busy periods. This has always been very satisfactory from both sides. Therefore, we are happy and pleased that Paulina is now working full time within our foundation. She introduces herself here briefly.

By: Paulina Maldondado

Hello! My name is Paulina Maldonado; I’m from Ecuador. I live in the city of Quito, which is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It is surrounded by a spectacular natural environment, as well as a mixture of old and modern that offers its visitors a fascinating atmosphere. I am passionate about the idea of ​​traveling and getting to know different places inside and outside of Ecuador. Get closer to new cultures, know their history, traditions and something more…

During my life I have studied careers related to Spanish and tourism. For me, these two professions have a close relationship, because I think that through them it is possible for foreign visitors to know the culture of my country and its beautiful places.

I have had the opportunity to work in travel agencies, Spanish schools and foundations such as Local Dreamers. They do voluntary work in one of the most needy sectors of Quito. Through these works I have met interesting people from many parts of the world such as Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia and Africa. All of them have left great memories and sometimes great friendships.

I have been a Spanish teacher for fifteen years, always learning from my students and enjoying each of my classes. Therefore there exists an equal relationship during the lessons and not just a student – teacher relationship. Personally, I am social, empathetic and kind. I like history in general, walking is my favorite sport, listening to music in English, going to the movies, animals and of course eating well 😉

For now I say goodbye. And maybe we meet in Ecuador!