As a volunteer or intern you will always start your journey in Quito. Quito is the base of operations of Local Dreamers. With a few exceptions, you´ll have a minimum stay of 3-4 weeks in Quito regardless of the projects you have chosen to participate in. In this way we can optimally host, support and eventually prepare you for your project in the Amazon rainforest, at the coast or on the Galapagos Islands after you have arrived in Ecuador. Above all, you´ll be able to follow our Spanish language course, provided by our private teachers. You will feel more comfortable, because you will have the time to get acclimatized to a new environment, get used to the Spanish language and to feel at ease within our organization and with our people.




It is possible as well to work as an intern in the projects of Local Dreamers. As a student of an Intermediate Vocational School (IVS), a Higher Vocational School (HVS) or University (U), Local Dreamers is the ideal location for your social-, pedagogical-, environmental-, sports- or economical-related (graduate) internship or traineeship. You´ll be guided intensively on a high level by an English and Spanish speaking professional.

The words volunteer and intern can be used interchangeable on this website.