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The Amazon rainforest is sparkling with life with its numerous animal- and plant species. Above all, it is home to the Huaorani. They are an indigenous Indian tribe and possess unique knowledge about the rainforest. Unfortunately, the Huaorani are losing their own identity and culture bit by bit, because of the influence of oil companies in the region.

Project Yasuní

This project in National Park Yasuní is the most successful project of Local Dreamers outside Quito. The volunteers and interns will reside in the ECY (Scientific Station Yasuní), which is a modern center for research in the middle of the jungle. Every day you and your fellow volunteers take a van to the Guiyero community and visit a traditional Huaorani tribe. In Guiyero you give English lessons, you play sports with the local kids and you help to develop the ecotourism in the region. For example, the English classes with teenagers and elders are meant to educate and train local guides. For the group of teenagers, in which alcoholism is a growing problem, we organize (sporty and creative) activities. Deep in the Amazon, you´ll get to learn the secrets of the mysterious jungle and its inhabitants.

Former Dreamers

How can you help?





In Yasuní you´ll work in the fields of eco-tourism, sports and/or as an English teacher. In this unique location, students can follow internships in fields like psychology, pedagogy, biology, anthropology and do biological/environmental research in the ECY research center.

  • Develop the eco-tourism in the region (train guides, marketing & communication);
  • Give English lessons;
  • Apply structure to the projects;
  • Help writing our policy for Project Yasuní;
  • Organize sporty and creative activities for kids and teenagers;
  • Roll up your sleeves and help building playground equipment or other objects;
  • Actively involve yourself with the organization and the project: What is needed? What can be improved?;
  • Perform scientific research (biologic and environmental) in the research center. – only for interns

During your stay in Yasuní, you will reside in the modern and comfortable research center, named Estación Cientifica Yasuní (ECY).You have your own room and a bathroom. You receive three meals a day and will eat varied. Vegetarians are taken into account. Interns and volunteers have the opportunity to play volleyball and football. Although there is almost no reception for your telephone signal, there is WiFi available. In your free time you can play sports, take marvellous (night)walks or hang out with your fellow students/researchers or volunteers.

We oblige the volunteers of this project to take an Intensive course in Spanish. We strongly recommend interns to take a tailored Specialist course. For more information, see our Spanish course page.


First 2 weeks* From the 3th week

Room & Board**

  €160,-   €80,- p.w.


  €90,-   €45,- p.w.

Preparation & Guidance

  €100,-   €50,- p.w.

Total cost***

  €175 p.w

* The minimum stay at the Amazon project is 2 weeks.

** You will reside at the Yasuní Scientific Station. We do not have guest families at our disposal on this location. See for more information the accomodation tab.

*** We do not offer Spanish language courses on this location.


Yasuní life

Life in Yasuní is so different from ours that it is almost impossible to imagine it. Megan Westerveld made this beautiful video to give you an impression of life in the Amazon rainforest.

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