Schermafbeelding 2015-11-19 om 12.06.29Our coast project

In our newest partner project, located on the beautiful costa of Ecuador, you will be submersed in the relaxed and laid-back costal life of Canoa, an upcoming village where fishery has made room for tourism.

Los Algarrobos

In 2006 the U.S. Navy veteran James (Jimmy) Dean, together with a small group of parents, setup the bilingual elementary school Los Algarrobos. The goal is to provide the children of Canoa with better education and prepare them for the increasing number of tourists. Nowadays, the school has 93 students and employs local teachers. Nevertheless, the school is helped by volunteers and interns who can support classes and setup as well as assist with extracurricular activities.

How can you help?




We send both volunteers as well as interns to Canoa. For interns, we are keen to discuss and ensure that this project fits school and personal requirements.

  • Teach English in an interactive and challenging manner;
  • Organize creative and innovative activities;
  • Introduce children to sport & games;
  • Help building and improving the infrastructure;
  • Stimulate discipline, confidence and a pro-active study attitude;
  • Create a safe and stimulating climate;
  • Enforce values and principles such as respect and collaboration.

For volunteers and interns within this project we offer an intensive Spanish course in Quito. This is obligatory, unless you can prove you have already obtained a Spanish level of B1 or better.
Check our Spanish course page for more information.


First 3 weeks* From the 4th week

Room & Board**

€0,- €0,- p.w.


  €120,-   €40,- p.w.

Preparation & Guidance

  €120,-   €40,- p.w.

Total cost***

€240,- €80 p.w.

* The minimum stay at the coast project is 3 weeks.

** On the coast you will reside in a youth hostel/hotel on location. The costs depend on the place you decide to stay. We do not have guest families nor a volunteer house at our disposal on the coast.

*** We do not offer Spanish language courses on this location.


Canoa beach life

From 7 am until 1 pm. you will be working in and around the Los Algarrobos school, whereas in the afternoon you will be occupied with various different activities. Canoa is famous for its beautiful environment and is also considered one of the best surf spots in Ecuador. Enjoy some of the delicious local dishes, the many activities and the relaxed life on the coast.

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If you are interested in the coast project, and you want more information, please contact us via the ‘join us button’. Be aware that we don’t have any full-time projects. We always compose a project plan in collaboration with the volunteer, and try to match the qualities of our volunteers with the right activities. Volunteers do best what they have been educated in.
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