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In our newest partner project, located on the beautiful coast of Ecuador, you will be immersed in the relaxed and laid-back costal life of Puerto López, an upcoming village where the people live from fishery and tourism.

Los Canarios

In 2007, local villager Freddy Soto started a project using the local love of soccer to reach young people in Puerto López and the surrounding villages. Soccer school ‘’Los Canarios’’ was born. There are currently 80 teenagers and young adults being supported by the project.

The goal is to use soccer as a way of encouraging self-discipline, motivation and promoting self-development. To give young people the life skills they need and support them to gain the education they need to avoid the traps many young people of Puerto López fall into. Enabling them to build an alternative future for themselves and to act as positive role models. We foster creativity, initiative and talent.

What can you do?



We send both volunteers and interns to Puerto López. For interns, we are keen to discuss and ensure that this project fits school and personal requirements. We can also bring you in touch with former interns.

  • Prepare and give soccer training in a challenging and structured manner (there are two trainings every day);
  • Help out during the supplementary education classes, currently: English, Spanish grammar, electrics, math and computing;
  • Stimulate discipline, confidence and a pro-active attitude;
  • Enforce values and principles such as respect and collaboration. We hold sessions on self-esteem, values, protection of the environment and sexual protection and health;
  • Support local initiatives to raise money for the project;
  • Organize and give regular sessions with the young people’s families to involve them in the project and to promote the values of the project and address any issues the young people may be facing;
  • Promote youth leadership, supporting the young people in the project to become involved in issues facing their home town.

For volunteers and interns within this project we offer an intensive Spanish course in Quito. This is obligatory, unless you can prove you have already obtained a Spanish level of B1 or better. Check our Spanish course page for more information. 
It is also possible to take Spanish classes in the residence; you discuss this with Freddy Soto, the project manager, and pay on location in cash. The money goes directly to the project.


First 3 weeks* From the 4th week

Room & Board**

€240,- €80,- p.w.


  €150,-   €50,- p.w.

Preperation & Guidance

  €135,-   €45,- p.w.

Total Cost***

€525,- €175 p.w.

* The minimum stay at the coast project is 3 weeks.

** In Puerto López you will stay with a local host family that has room for two people. There is a private bathroom, mosquito nets and others. Meals go according to the volunteer and exist of a daily varied breakfast and lunch with fish, shrimp, chicken or vegetarian food. Dinners are light, not as strong as lunch.

*** It is also possible to take Spanish classes in the residence; you discuss this with Freddy Soto, the project manager, and pay on location in cash. The money goes directly to the project.


During the spring of 2016 intern Joachim van Imschoot did his internship at Los Canarios in Puerto López. He had a blast and shot this beautiful video, which gives a nice impression of soccer school Los Canarios and the typical beach life in Puerto López.

If you are interested in this project coast soccer, and you want more information, please contact us via the ‘join us button’.
We always compose a project plan in collaboration with the volunteer, and try to match the qualities of our volunteers with the right activities. Volunteers do best what they have been educated in.
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