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At the Swimming School of Local Dreamers, children from the project neighborhood La Arcadia are introduced to sport and water, regardless of gender, social background and economic situation.

Project Swimming School

In November 2014 we started a pilot for a new social-pedagogic and sportive project, with a group of 6 volunteers and 9 enthusiastic kids. Children of parents, who do not have the possibility to pay for an expensive swimming course, can literally learn to keep their heads above the water at the swimming school of Local Dreamers. On Friday afternoons, we teach them the basic techniques of swimming in the two swimming pools that we rent in the neighborhood of La Arcadia. We take their safety very serious, swimming classes are always joined by a supervisor of Local Dreamers.

The Swimming School project is a great joy for both the children as the volunteers. The focus of the classes is on fun, motion and swimming techniques.

Due to maintenance work at the facility, the Swimming School will be closed in July and August!

Former Dreamers

How can you help?





Typical day

At the Swimming School you can take the role of manager/project coordinator or as a swimming teacher/assistant to the manager.

  • Prepare and give swimming classes in a safe and structured manner;
  • Introduce the kids to sport and motion;
  • Oversee the swimming classes;
  • Safeguard the balance, structure and progress of the project;
  • Keep in touch with the kids´ parents, talk to them before or after workshop if necessary;
  • Chair and/or prepare our monthly Swimming School team-meetings;
  • Actively involve yourself with the organization and the project: What is needed? What can be improved?;
  • Create a safe and stimulating sport environment;
  • Promote important values like respect and collaboration.

It is important that the trainers, manager or coordinator of the Soccer School to take spanish lessons to be able to participate and communicate with local people. In our office in Quito we have experienced teachers. During the lessons besides Spanish you will learn about culture and get enough experience. This is ideal because you will also have the opportunity to participate in all our projects in Quito: English school, swimming school, soccer school and other interesting activities, see our Spanish course page.

The prices of a Spanish course in your country of origin normally vary between 20 and 30 euros per hour. Local Dreamers offers its volunteers and interns excellent Spanish classes (private) for the price of only € 11 per lesson. Every volunteer and intern are very excited about our Spanish lessons.

  • Spanish Basic:  €264,-24 lessons
  • Spanish Intensive: €440,- 40 lessons
  • Spanish Specialist: €660,- 60 lessons

The main office of Local Dreamers is in Quito the capital of Ecuador. There is also the meeting point to direct our volunteers and interns to the different projects. Our facilities have everything you need to prepare your lessons. We have a pleasant working environment with computers, internet and printers. In the cafeteria you can prepare a good cup of tea, coffee and a snack. Outside our office, just one step away, you will have access to all the facilities you need, for example, a large supermarket, restaurants (with a full menu for less than three euros) stationery stores, bakeries and even hairdressers, etc.

Upon your arrival at the airport, José Luis (our driver) will be waiting to take you to our office, where one of our guides will be waiting to take you to your lodging and will also teach you everything you need while you get used to the projects and how to get around in Ecuador.

First 4 weeks: €790,-

From the 5th week: €150,- p.w


  • Preparation and guidance
  • Management of your accommodation
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • In-country program orientation
  • Pre-departure support from your Program Manager
  • Airport pick-up
  • Personalized guide, orientation and preparation with our team in Ecuador.
  • Access to all computer equipment, printers, paper, internet, and other materials necessary for planning.
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast and dinner included if you stay with a host family
  • Freedom to prepare your own food and have full access to a clothes washer and dryer if you stay in our volunteer house.

By choosing one of our projects in the city of Quito you have the opportunity to participate in all the other projects in Quito at no additional cost

As a serious and responsible organization we ask for the following requirements to participate in our projects:

• Fill out registration form

• Sign general terms and conditions

• Sign code of conduct

• Have travel insurance

• Vaccines

• Criminal background check

• Copy of passport

Important: to reserve it is necessary to pay a registration fee

Former volunteer Sterre de Geus (21) described a day as a swimming teacher for us:

  • 07:45     Alarm goes off, I put on my non-fashionable-but-decent clothes and have desayuno with my host family
  • 08.30     In 10 minutes I walk to the office of Local Dreamers, on the way I take the Metro Newspaper and try to decipher the local and global news
  • 09.00     Working time! All volunteers and interns are at the office and in small teams we start preparing lessons and trainings. Today I have to prepare a swimming lesson. With the help of project bundle of Local Dreamers’ I decide what to practice today.
  • 10.00     Coffee break. Let´s check if there is some news from the home front.
  • 11.00     Spanish lesson. Today Paulina (my Spanish teacher) and I discuss the imperative and my prepared swimming lesson, very effective because I can use it right away
  • 13.00     Lunch. Today we try another lunch spot around the office. It will probably be soup, followed by rice with chicken for about $2.00
  • 14.00     Time to take the bus to the South of the city, where the Swimming school is located. Together with fellow volunteers we take a 25 cents bus from the office to the Swimming school.
  • 15.00     The swimming class starts, I´m teaching in the deep bath today. Together with my fellow volunteer we practice floating and the backstroke with our four kids. Between the exercises we play a ballgame with the kids in our bath.
  • 17.00     All kids have left the pool, we decide to play a short game of water polo.  Time for a short evaluation of the kids´ progress.
  • 17.45     End of the day. With all other volunteers I take the bus back from the South to our host families. My host mom prepares rice with chicken, while I try to show her my newly learned words.


Why swimming courses?

On the rooftop of our office in Quito, co-founder Aldert and intern Judith explain why we started a swimming course.

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If you are interested in the Swimming School project, and you want more information, please contact us via the ‘join us button’. Be aware that we don’t have any full-time projects. We always compose a project plan in collaboration with the volunteer, and try to match the qualities of our volunteers with the right activities. Volunteers do best what they have been educated in.
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