We are dreamers

Local Dreamers is an organization that is founded by a small group of young idealists.
It is created out of the passion for South-America in general and Ecuador in particular.


Our Story

We are a young team that operates quickly, openly, involved, passionately and dynamically. Every day we try to share our dreams with the community and try to make the dreams of the community come true. We do this with a healthy amount of energy and fun, but above all with an important objective: to contribute to a world that makes people happy. Step by step.

Note: the video is only available in Dutch.

Our mission

To create an inspiring and safe learning environment in which Ecuadorian children, youngsters and international volunteers can discover, develop, share and connect their talents and dreams with each other. We focus on the needs of both worlds and connect their different cultures and people with one another.

What we do


With the knowledge, talents, energy and experience of our volunteers, we try to be of added value to local projects and its users. Projects that have a foundation to exist, even without our presence. With our own initiatives we try to answer to local needs or to bridge the gap between the rich elite and the poor lower class of Ecuadorian society.
By opening conversations with people, by telling and most of all by listening and by cooperating we try to emancipate people. A better position in the labor market or just a smile on a face, a small change is often as valuable as a big one.
An experience in a completely new culture leaves a lasting impression with our volunteers and interns and shakes them out of their daily lethargy.

You´ll learn to put things into perspective and you´ll realize how comfortable life at home actually is. This environment provides the perfect platform to develop yourself. We value and put a lot of effort into the personal development of our volunteers and interns. We give you the space and opportunity to fill in your own dreams.
A short time abroad, living in a country with its own lifestyle, own traditions, humour, problems and challenges. How does that affect you? And them? Together you´ll live, laugh, dream and work together intensively. The perfect ingredients for intercultural relations, friendships and experiences for life.
10 other reasons to choose Local Dreamers as your organization.



Aldert Schriemer
Founder & Volunteer coordinator

Physiotherapist | Football fanatic | Caring, critical, perfectionistic, enthusiastic, spontaneous | Fond of travelling and sports | Keeps a stiff lip but is sparkling on the inside

Ziggy Kraehe
Project Coordinator

A superhero for children | Social and energetic | Likes challenges | Loves ceviche | Academy of Physical Education | Fanatic sports and games player | Nothing is too crazy!

Paulina Maldonado
Spanish teacher

More than 15 years of experience as a Spanish teacher | Great empathy towards her students | Social, friendly and helpful | Lover of culture, history and films | Enjoys long walks

Emiel Gieles
Project Coordinator

Lives and breathes football | Personal, honest, curious and committed | BsC Business & Management | Music enthusiast without borders | Language lover | Enjoys incredibly relatable humor

Docente Spaans Karla Schriemer
Karla Schriemer
Spanish teacher

Love for teaching | Involved and passionate | Bachelor of Science in Education | Costeña in heart and soul | Crazy about cycling | In love with movies and acting | Can’t live without chocolate

Volunteer work in Ecuador
Andrés Zambrano
Coordinator Sport Projects

Economy Student | Quiet, almost shy; studious, reliable and enthusiastic | Passion for sport, sketching, languages and cultures | Loyal friend and very talented draftsman | Is close to the soccer group

Volunteer designer Ecuador project
Patrick Loonstra
Branding & Design

On a voluntary basis, Patrick developed our new Local Dreamers brand: logo, font and project icons are designed by Patrick.
Check his website Patrickloonstra.nl for more of his work.