To use talent, sport, education, creativity and communication in order to create social development, confidence and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to build fruitful, self-sustaining projects and to convey them to local project coordinators.

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Create ties

We create ties that last between different worlds, cultures and people. We try to broaden one´s view on the world, both for involved Ecuadorians as for international volunteers.

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Offer a safe environment

We offer a safe environment in which Ecuadorian children and youngsters between the ages of 6 to 16 year, regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic background, can discover and develop their talents.

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Create self-sustaining projects

We create self-sustaining projects, which will be governed by the inhabitants of the project areas within 10 years, after which Local Dreamers’ role in the projects will be limited to advising and controlling.

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Contribute to a better world

We arouse the interest and enthusiasm of international ‘dreamers’ in contributing to a better world by sharing knowledge, experiences, passions and talents with one another.

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Stimulate social development

We use sports and games, language, creativity and (intercultural) communication to stimulate the personal and social development of Ecuadorian children and teenagers.

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Contribute to local initiatives

We contribute to small-scale local initiatives through the knowledge, experience, passion and talent of international volunteers. Projects which have enough basis to survive without our presence.

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What are the benefits?

We are not able to solve huge problems like poverty and corruption.

It is, however, important that you are aware that your contribution will never have been for nothing. As soon as you start to appreciate the small changes that you´ll achieve on your project, those changes will give you a very special feeling. Happiness is to be found in the little things, as simple as putting a smile on a face.

Another important change occurs in you! In many cases, volunteers will improve themselves more than that they improve others. Take this into account when managing your expectations. A period in a new country, with new people and a different culture might be more educational for you than for the people that you encounter on our projects in Ecuador. Working as a volunteer is just as much an investment in others as it is an investment in yourself.

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