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Stagelopen als docent in Ecuador

Voor haar lerarenopleiding Aardrijkskunde liep Daniëlle van de Wijer de afgelopen twee maanden stage als docent bij Local Dreamers in Ecuador. Geografie en Engelse les bleken al snel een top combinatie te zijn!

Door Daniëlle van de Wijer

My trip to Ecuador and working for Local Dreamers has been unforgettable. For my studies, the Geography teacher training at Fontys, I got the chance to structure my own internship abroad. That has been my dream for years. So of course I took my chance, and started browsing organisations offering voluntary work. I finally found the website of Local Dreamers: super accessible, welcoming and versatile.

Within no-time I was planning my trip to Ecuador together with some help from the project coördinators. Coming here was a really big step for me, but it’s the best step I’ve ever taken.

Working at Local Dreamers

Working for Local Dreamers can be very overwhelming in the beginning. That’s because you arrive in a whole new culture that you have to integrate in. However, I don’t think I’ve ever met people who are more welcoming than the Ecuadorian people. Even if you travel by yourself, in Ecuador you’re never actually alone. People are very warm and caring. THey will do anything to help you to feel comfortable in their country. If you want to learn to communicate or to work with other people better, this is definitely a great place to start.

Depending on what your qualities are, Local Dreamers can offer you a schedule that fits you perfectly. If you like to teach, you can teach. If you like sports, you can work in the sports projects. Grown-ups, youngsters, children, toddlers: whatever you like to work with can be done.

Exploring Ecuador

If you like traveling to different areas, Ecuador is also your destined country. It offers you three distinct physical regions: coast, mountains and rainforest. Each with its own unique adventurous offers. It’s nice to experience the cultural and linguistical differences within these different areas. You can expand your cultural knowledge while being on a relaxing beach trip or an adventurous and intense tour through the jungle.

You experience all of this together with your volunteering colleagues or some new Ecuadorian friends. Whatever you want is possible here. And whatever you do, you’re never doing it alone in this warm and hospitable country!

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volunteer ecuador



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