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Als vrijwilliger in het paradijs – de Galapagos

Altijd al nieuwsgierig geweest naar de Galapagos eilanden? Local Dreamer Lea Maas vertelt in geuren en kleuren over haar ervaringen als vrijwilligster op deze bijzondere locatie in het paradijs.

Door Lea Maas

The magical world behind the paradise

Going to the Galapagos islands is a wonderful experience. Regardless of if you do voluntary work or come just as a tourist. The Islands feel a bit like a different planet: the animals are completely unafraid of humans and look just a tiny bit different from how you’d expect them to look: a funny beak or weird eyes. It’s a place where you trip over iguanas, and where seals sunbathe right next to you on the beach. One of my best memories is when I followed a huge turtle around while snorkeling at less than 2 meters distance. A magical experience for sure.

I’d definitely recommend visiting the Galapagos islands as a volunteer. You don’t need to do all the cruises and to spend loads of money to appreciate the islands. Working in the preservation project on San Cristobal gives you access to the world behind the paradise. La Soledad is a small, local project where I met some great people from all over the world. The voluntary house is great and the work itself is fun and really diverse.

Swinging machetes and feeding animals

Every day you do something different. You can help in the green house to plant the seeds of native, endangered plants; protect bird nests threatened by rats; or clear up areas with introduced species. This last one entails attacking plants with a machete which is, honestly, a lot of fun. The highlight of the week is when you get to feed the huge turtles in the Galapaguero. I loved every second of my time there. I’d love to come back and work there for longer!

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