Internship in Quito

Het stage avontuur van Naomi

Oud stagiair Naomi (zelfgekozen bijnaam: oma) was in Ecuador voor een dubbele stage: ze heeft haar minor én haar afstudeeropdracht hier succesvol volbracht en dankzij haar heeft de stichting een succesvolle taal uitwisselingsavond genoten! Lees hier meer over haar avontuur.

Door Naomi Patty

Wow that was my time as an intern in Ecuador! After four months living the tranquila lifestyle in Quito, grandma has to say goodbye to this adventure. The reason of my nickname ‘grandma’ is because of the fact I don’t drink, don’t smoke and don’t go out as much as the other volunteers do. But I am granny in a positive and careful way haha!

Internship adventure

I was in Quito as an intern for my minor and my graduation. For my minor I had to work as a volunteer and help with the projects. I really liked the sport projects! The children are so enthusiastic and playful. But sometimes you have to be strict, especially when you teach the youngest group.

In addition to my minor, I also graduated at Local Dreamers. My internship assignment was to make the cooperation at the language exchange between the bar Altar and Local Dreamers more valuable. I organized a big kick-off where a lot of locals and tourists could improve and exchange their language skills. As a last assignment I am making a concept book for the language exchange that Local Dreamers can use in the future.

Funny stories

A funny story about my time at LD was that I promised to make a typical Surinam dish called Roti. At first I thought I would cook on a casual Tuesday, for around 18 people. But then the plan changed and I was going to make the Roti at the goodbye party of Vladimir, our Spanish teacher. The amount of people changed from 18 to 33! Wow, that day I was cooking all day long but fortunately everyone liked it.

There are a lot of other nice stories but the only one that is left to say about this adventure: todo fue super!

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