Ervaringen Zwitserse vrijwilliger

Vrijwilliger Matthias start boks workshop

Afgelopen maand verwelkomde we Matthias Walter uit Zwitserland bij Local Dreamers. Deze vrolijke boks fanaticus uit Siblingen paste zich razendsnel aan aan onze organisatie. Volgende week start hij met zijn eigen boks workshop voor kinderen. Tijd om wat meer te horen over Matthias’ ervaringen in Ecuador.

Door Matthias Walter

After a two month stay in the United States, I arrived in Quito at the end of August. I expected to have problems with the altitude and communicating with the Ecuadorian people. My Spanish level wasn’t as good as it should be. In reality, the altitude wasn’t a problem at all. I was even capable of having a daily training of my favorite sport: boxing.

My first five weeks in Quito were about studying Spanish at a local school in the north of Quito and trying to adjust to the life in the highest capital of the world. I can say that I adjusted really quickly to the culture here. What particularly helped a lot, is that I’m practicing boxing in a gym in the north of Quito. I have to speak Spanish with my gym mates and teachers almost every day. So far my Spanish has improved quite a lot and after only five weeks I felt able to teach English at the English school of Local Dreamers.

My time at Local Dreamers

The first day at Local Dreamers was very interesting for me. I figured out within five minutes that the company is being run by Dutch people who are apparently on a far higher professional level than other schools and companies I had seen so far in Ecuador. At this moment I’m teaching English to the adults of the ‘Advanced class’ three days a week. Beside that I give classes to kids from 12 to 16 in the afternoon. Local Dreamers makes it really easy for me to teach at their school. Whenever I need help, folks are there and ready to support me.

Next week I also start with my own boxing workshop for kids in a park close to the office. For the next four weeks, I will give the kids an introduction to my world of boxing every Wednesday and Friday. As the only Swiss guy here I feel more than welcome and for that I want to thank everyone involved in Local Dreamers. I can recommend Local Dreamers, their projects and efforts, with a clear conscience.

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