Pub quiz van Local Dreamers is Quito, Ecuador

Drinks and Charity: the perfect basis for a fun evening

In June, Local Dreamers joined forces with a brand-new partner. Together, we now host a weekly quiz in a local pub in Quito. Working overtime has never been this much fun! Volunteer Kim was there from the start, and put pen to paper to share his experiences.  

by Kim van der Heiden

Since about a month, Local Dreamers has partnered up with Finn McCool’s. A local Irish Pub in La Mariscal, the tourist district of Quito. People can join on Tuesday evenings for our own home-made pub quiz. The entrée is 2 dollars, and this fee goes entirely to the projects of our foundation.

A brand-new nickname

I’ve been helping with the pub quiz since the beginning. I’ve walked around to promote the pub quiz, I made the quiz once and I even was the quizmaster for several evenings. The first time I was behind the microphone, I was wearing a pink Hawaiian shirt. Ever since then, my nickname has been Kim Jong-Hawaiian-Shirt.

Tuesday evening fun at Finn McCool’s

The best part of helping with the quiz is the combination between helping the foundation raise money, and the fun of hosting the quiz. A lot of people are joining us at Finn McCool’s every Tuesday, and they are from all over the world. From Belgium to Russia, and from Ecuador to the United States.

When people participate they will have a great evening, but they can also win a 50$ bar tap! Did I mention that it’s happy hour for almost the whole evening? Two Mojito’s for only four and a half bucks isn’t at all bad.

The best of both worlds

Even after my time at Local Dreamers I will be coming back to Finn’s McCool’s just for the pub quiz. The mix of participating in the pub quiz, and the opportunity to speak with people from all around the world is the reason I will be back.

The pub quiz is a great opportunity to help Local Dreamers in addition to all the regular projects. Spreading the vision of Local Dreamers and raising some money in the form of an evening out is just the best of both worlds!

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Local Dreamers Finn McCool's pub
Kim Jong-Hawaiian-Shirt at the pub quiz

pub quiz FInn McCool's
Kim, traditionally dressed in Hawaiian shirt, at the Local Dreamers office

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