Shoe salesman Carlos about learning English at LD

Each month we ask a local English student in Ecuador to write about his or her ‘local experience’ with Local Dreamers. Shoe salesman Carlos is already a student in our school for almost two years and it was about time he tells about his experiences.

I know Local Dreamers by reference of a friend, who worked near to the office of Local Dreamers. I thought that this was a good opportunity to learn the English language, and I decided to enter the school as student. Actually I think everyone needs to know how to speak English because all of the new knowledge of technology is coming in the English language. Also English is necessary to communicate anywhere around the world.

From this moment I started to enjoy all activities that we have done with partners, teachers, and all volunteers that have participated in the projects of Local Dreamers. I think that I enjoyed it all because the people that arrived at Local Dreamers, either volunteers, teachers or students, have been very happy and friendly. All this without considering that we all are from different ages, religions and beliefs, political thoughts and even different countries. I believe that the thing that links us is Local Dreamers’ mission, that is: Help the person that has a dream to reach it, give the facilities to make their dreams come true!

Each of the activities in the English classes are made with creativity and joy, which is motivating for all students, and this activities also help us to become friends.

Also I think that all people that participate in the activities at Local Dreamers are enthusiastic to learn some knowledge. This can be in the swimming school, soccer school, the English classes or other social activities. In my opinion the volunteers want to know all about Ecuador and the traditions and culture of the Ecuadorian people.

We have had many experiences with Local Dreamers, one of them is the trip that we did one time with the volunteers and the English students to the Cotopaxi park. Also we went to Ambato city, where we visited the parish of Pinillo. There we enjoyed the typical food of this place which is la gallina de pinllo, which is prepared in a wave of firewood, and pan de Pinllo with colada morada. After that we visited el parque de la familia, where played soccer. After that we went to Quisapincha, this is a famous place for handmade leather products, there some volunteers bought some products.

I think that everything I learned at Local Dreamers will help me in my future life. I’m grateful with all who are part of Local Dreamers, who gave me the opportunity to be a person in this project as a student. Here I can reach my goal of learning the English language. Thanks to all persons that are part of the Local Dreamers family, who all are my friends right now!


Carlos Villacres

© Local Dreamers, experiences of an English student

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