de mooiste foto's van september

Best photos of the month September

Every year, Oxfam Novib publishes a calendar with beautiful, narrative photos from the countries where the organization is active. The cameras of Local Dreamers are of slightly lower quality, the photographers without training, but the pictures are no less beautiful and impressive. We have put the most beautiful photos in a serie.

These photos take you along the colorful streets, alongside people with wonderful life stories, and let you meet in word and image with our vibrant volunteer work and life! For more pictures of our projects and volunteers, take a look at our Flickr page.

Foto voetbal meisjes Iris

Last training of volunteer Iris Deen with the girls of the soccer school.

Foto vrijwilligers Ecuador-Peru

Nice photo of the game Ecuador-Peru, which the volunteers visited together.

Voetbalschoenen voor Mateo

Mateo, one of the pupils of our soccer school, is very happy with his new pair of soccershoes, which were donated by our partner Wings of Support.

nieuwe hesjes voetbalschool

In September, our soccer school received new vests. Thanks to the fundraising campaign of volunteer Iris Deen we were able to purchase 90 vests!

voetbalschool bezoek partner

Last month our partner Wings of Support visited our soccer school. Then, of course, we make some time for a new photo with all the kids together!

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