Spanish classes with Vladimir

The man behind our Spanish classes

For years, many volunteers and interns have been facing the challenge of traveling to Ecuador. Getting to know a different country, living in a host family, meeting a lot of new people and most importantly: learning a new language. Over the years, our Ecuadorian teacher Vladimir Loyo has given Spanish classes to all these volunteers and interns. Time to hear something from the man himself.

By Vladimir Loyo

I started working with the guys of Local Dreamers five years ago after an invitation by Jesse. From that moment on, I have had so many great experiences with the volunteers who arrived in Quito.

Most of my work at the foundation has been to teach the Spanish language to the volunteers, something that I really like to do. One of the challenges that I have faced during this time, has been to teach all the structures of the language. Structures that they have to use as soon as possible in real situations, for example with their host families, projects or during their travels. And all that in a very short time! Looking back, I can say that most of the people have learned quite well and they learned to speak Spanish in a short time. What a good job by all these people!

Teaching a language allows you to get to know the person you work with, as well share the culture of their country. It can be seen as a cultural exchange. It’s really interesting for example to hear how a foreign person speaks with an Ecuadorian slang: think of words as chévere, chuchaqui, mande, a full, etc, which aren’t used in Spain.

Besides the Spanish classes I have had the opportunity to work in all of the projects of Local Dreamers. I have taught English to the kids, something I hadn´t done in 16 years and I have been in the soccer and swimming school. And most important: I have had the opportunity to meet new friends from both Netherlands and Ecuador.

Finally I would like to say to you all: te gusta el español?, Que chévere¡


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