Lotte is doing volunteer work in the health care

Working for the Hermano Miguel care project

Since a couple of weeks, Lotte and Aniek are doing volunteer work in the health care project of our partner Hermano Miguel in Quito. Hermano Miguel is a health center that provides medical assistance and therapy to people who cannot afford regular healthcare. Aniek wrote this report about her experiences at this health care project.

By Aniek Room

Hermano Miguel is an organization where professionals work from all kinds of medical disciplines. In addition to occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and physiotherapists, there is also a dentist and prosthetic specialist. Lotte and I both have completed a psychological study, so doing volunteer work in health care is a great experience for us. We mainly participate in the psychology department and the department for child occupational therapy. We also participate in the ‘horse therapy’ on Thursday mornings. It is really great to see how spastic and intellectually limited children completely relax as soon as they lie down or sit on a horse.

Hermano Miguel usually takes care of people with a mental or physical disability, including many children and young people. It is very interesting for us to work with this target group. In the beginning we mainly looked at the different therapies that they offer. Soon we were asked if we wanted to help and if we could also offer alternative therapies ourselves. After watching several times, Lotte and I have organized therapy sessions for parents of handicapped children, in which we have explained and engaged in exercises of positive psychology. It was not always easy in Spanish, but nevertheless it went well. Everyone was very enthusiastic!

With great enthusiasm I look forward to the coming weeks at Hermano Miguel and I can recommend this project to every health care student or specialist.
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  1. Hey Lotte and Aniek, great work. I like your all the therapies that you are using for these special children. I wish you all the best for your organization. Your work, as well as your therapies, will help them to overcome their physical disabilities or some behavioural problems. I really feel proud that you are doing this great work. Keep helping them.

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