Name:                                       Foundation Local Dreamers
RSIN number:                          851149017
Contact:                                   Stg. Local Dreamers
                                                   Sperwerstraat 4
                                                   8916 BR Leeuwarden
                                                  +593 98 310 2052 (also WhatsApp)

Board of Directors

Chairlady:               Nicole Doornbos
Secretary:               Pieteke Atsma
Treasurer:              Eelke Heidinga

The above board is the policy-determining organ of the organization. The board is supplemented by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

Policy plan 2015 – 2017

Local Dreamers (from now on ‘LD’) is a non-profit organization. We operate entirely thanks to enthusiastic and passionate volunteers. We do not have paid employees. 

Read our complete policy plan 2015-2017. (Only in Dutch)

Give Talent The Tools

People often go to a developing country with the idea to help. This is a term that we don’t like to use at Foundation Local Dreamers. Help is not always something that people need. Local people are often just as happy as you and me.

What we can do is contribute to local goals. Try to make someone else’s dream come true. Working side by side with Ecuadorians in the fields of education, sports, tourism, environment or entrepreneurship. Developing each other’s talents together.

With the knowledge, talents, energy and experience of our volunteers we try to be of added value for local projects and their participants. Projects that have enough basis to exist even without our presence. With our own initiatives we try to meet local needs, and make the possibilities normally reserved for the rich elite available to the less privileged part of the population. 

Creating an inspiring learning environment in which Ecuadorian youngsters, children and international volunteers can share their talents and dreams. Local Dreamers responds to the needs of both worlds and connects different cultures and people. An experience that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Train local project coordinators and set up strong, self-regulating projects in the areas of talent development, sports, language and community development. In a time frame of ten years, we want to transfer the projects to the project coordinators and participant. The role of Local Dreamers will then be limited to checking and managing.

Guidelines and code of conduct
Local Dreamers applies its own voluntourism guidelines for volunteerwork. All volunteers and interns are also required to sign our code of conduct for working with children.

Read more.


LD raises its funds through donations, project income from volunteers and – to a lesser extent – sponsorship. Of the contributions that sponsors, donors and other partners make to of a specific project, 90 percent will go into the funds of the project in question. It is therefore possible to choose a specific project to sponsor, but not to spend part of the amount on the spot. Volunteers do have that option. Provided that a financial plan and budget for a project expenditure is proved by the coordinator on site, volunteers may spend their pre-collected funds in Ecuador on a project of their choice.

Volunteers who participate in the projects of LD and / or its partners in Ecuador pay for the project, room and board, but also for preparation and supervision. These costs serve to cover the expenses (such as promotional material) of LD and as compensation for the service provided at the project site.


In the case of the dissolution of the foundation, its assets will be spent on an ANBI project with a similar mission.  

Annual report

We are happy to provide insight into LD’s cash flows through annual reports and financial statements. Read our most recent annual report (2017).

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