German volunteer Lara about her cultural exchange in Ecuador

Lara: English class as a cultural exchange

Volunteer experience

German volunteer Lara Fuchs spends five weeks with Local Dreamers in Ecuador. She is doing a valuable job as a teacher in our English school, which she defines as ‘less like work and more like a cultural exchange’. We asked her to write a short review.

I have been working at Local Dreamers for three weeks now and I have to say that it has been a really adventurous and enriching experience. I give English classes to different age groups and I have been enjoying the challenges that each group brings with it. I teach different age groups: from children who cannot yet read and write in Spanish, to adults, who are interested in not only the language but also in its different cultures and want to learn about the countries. Especially teaching the older groups has been a joyful experience, because they also want you to learn from their culture, which makes class feel less like work and more like a cultural exchange.

I am from Germany and there I study English and Spanish for a Teaching Degree, so theoretically I already have an idea about teaching English. I chose to come to Local Dreamers because of the challenge teaching one foreign language in another: I therefore would not only learn how to teach but also get confronted with the two languages at the same time. Luckily, this has been less of a challenge than I thought. The students are really eager to learn and while you help them with their English, they help you with your Spanish. With games, videos, and songs the students really enjoy being in class and look forward to learning the English vocabulary.

For those who have been thinking about a career in teaching, I can totally recommend doing the volunteer job here. You will be able to teach a lot and have a lot of responsibilities. This way, you will receive a great insight in the daily job of a teacher within a short time.

Lara Fuchs

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