English student in Ecuador about her experience with our volunteer work

English student Keila shares her learning experience

A local experience

From now on, each month we will ask a local English student in Ecuador to write about his or her experience with Local Dreamers. Fifteen-year-old Keila is one of our most advanced students. She is attending our language course in Quito for more than a year now.

Hello, my name is Keila and I am going to talk about my English student experience on Local Dreamers. I have been here one year, I have learn a lot of things and I have improved my speaking, my writing and my listening because we do exercises on our books and in the computers and our teachers are speaking with us all the time.

The classes never were boring, because we do different thing every day sometimes we watch a movie or play games and I think this is important to learn English. Sometimes I am the translator in my class, sometimes I understand things that the others can`t and I translate for my classmates what is the teachers means and what is the classmates want to tell for my teacher.

I like coming here because I learn more and more everyday, my English was weak but in the year I came here my friends and my family constantly told me “congratulations” and I am so happy with that words, I understood that to know English is very important.



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