Y hoy te vas: Vlady about six years of LD

After six years at Local Dreamers, our Spanish teacher Vladimir Loyo is going to leave our foundation. ‘Vlady’ found a new challenging job at a language school in the North of Quito. Of course we are going to miss him a lot, but we are all happy for him that he gets to take the next step in his career. This week, we spoke with Vladimir about his time with us at Local Dreamers.  

By Tim Janssen

Vladimir: ‘There are so many words to describe Local Dreamers. If I had to describe the foundation in a few words I would say it’s young, dynamic, open, enthusiastic and flexible. There are a lot of young volunteers who give the projects such an enthusiastic energy. Also it’s a foundation were I, as a Spanish teacher, was able to do, of course with responsibility, everything that I wanted during my classes. I could completely follow my own style of working, which makes it a very flexible job. ‘

In the past six years you became part of a big Dutch family, what kind of influence has working in this international environment had on your life and you as a person?

‘I’ve been in contact with foreign people my whole life. I already knew what it was like to be with foreign people and I did understand how they see the world. The foundation gave me the opportunity to work with the open Dutch people, which really helped me. Thanks to that I have grown as a person, I know more about social life and social skills. I have had the opportunity to see things that I hadn’t seen before, working in the south of Quito with people who can really use the help.’

How has Local Dreamers developed over the past six years?

‘Local Dreamers developed a lot in the past years. I remember, that when we started we didn’t even have our own office. I started teaching Spanish in classrooms of other foundations and in the shopping center of El Recreo. Quite an experience with the volunteers during that period.  And now, when I see a room full of volunteers, interns, coordinators, teachers and students, I see that we have grown a lot, and I was a part of that. When I started I didn’t expect that it was possible for a foundation like this to grow into an organization of the size we have right now. I’m very happy that I was part of that development.’

You have taught over 150 foreign volunteers the Spanish language at Local Dreamers, what was the biggest challenge for you?

‘When I came here I already had experience: I had already worked in an international school and a school in Costa Rica. At the foundation I understood that I had to change my mind a little bit in order to teach the volunteers how to communicate in the projects and in their host family. I changed my way of teaching to a more personal style. ‘

If you had to pick one favorite memory out of your time at Local Dreamers, which would it be?

‘It’s difficult to pick one memory out of the loads of things I’ve done here. I want to start by saying that seeing the happiness of the children makes me happy. You feel that you are doing something good. A great memory were the Christmas events where we handed out the Christmas presents to the people who sell food on the street. It’s nice to see what we can do for them at that time of the year.

Of course I have also had a lot of nice experiences with the volunteers. For example going to the soccer matches with so many different groups and singing during the karaoke nights in the office were great moments for me. The idea of sharing time with all the people is great. I’ve met a lot of people from the same culture.’

Any last words?

‘Keep your good memories and experiences in your heart to make you happy and to let you see that you have done something good. Be proud of it. Keep your bad experiences in your mind, to make you a better person. Enjoy and experience!’

Spanish teacher Vladimir

Birthday celebration of Vladimir

Spanish teacher Vladimir

Vladimir and Niels during the Fiestas de Quito

© Local Dreamers, Spanish teacher Vladimir during volunteerwork in Quito

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  1. Andrea

    Vladimir was a very good teacher, he gave me the courage to learn English, and of course, he demostrated his passion for teaching people! Best wishes for you Vladimir..! 🙂

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