Give talent the tools

Passion and Dreams

At Local Dreamers, we speak of passion and dreams instead of mission and vision.

Our passion – mission

To create an inspiring and safe learning environment in which Ecuadorian children, youngsters and international volunteers can discover, develop, share and connect their talents and dreams with each other. We focus on the needs of both worlds and connect their different cultures and people with one another.

Our dreams – vision

To use sports, language, creativity and communication to create social development, confidence and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to build fruitful, self-sustaining projects and convey them to local (Ecuadorian) project coordinators within 10 years.

Local Dreamers transforms acceptation into ambition, meekness into energy and dreams into deeds. We dream and let dream.

Who is helping whom actually?

People often go to a developing country with the idea to help. A turn of speech we rather avoid at Local Dreamers. Help often is not the thing that the local people need. They are actually not pitiable and often are as happy as you and I are.

What we can do is contributing to local objectives, to try to make the dream of one come true. Jointly, we work on education, sports, children, tourism, the environment or entrepreneurship. Jointly we develop each other’s talents.